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LTG GoldRock Coaching Webinar January 11th 2014

LTG GoldRock Coaching Webinar January 11th 2014

LTG GoldRock Webinar Forex

Secure your place in the New Private Mentorship and
Master Class program

First, a 4 Step Mentorship Program. Here is what we will cover in the first 4 weeks:

  • Week one: The account structure, the trading execution platform, placing trades from the Order Sheets and how to fit trading into your lifestyle successfully.
  • Week Two: How to use the risk calculator on each trade, how to set a profit target and stop loss and when to adjust these levels. Plus when to know to stay in trades for big moves.
  • Week Three: How to read Central Bank Policy reports and understand why interest rates as so important to currencies. How to buy into strength and sell into weakness.
  • Week Four: How to place your trades in the direction of big money flow, how to read an economic calendar, and ultimately track your progress so you are moving forward and making money.
  • You will then join me in a full day face-to-face Master Class where I will take your learning, knowledge and profit potential to an entire new level. You are going to love it!!!


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